I got edited out of Golf Digest

July 19, 2009 By: erik Category: Complaining, Golf, Media, News 345 views

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Ailsa Pub in Golf Digest (crop)Last April, I was contacted, via this blog, by the Art Director of Golf Digest, the most respected magazine related to golf. They were doing a story about a pub, The Ailsa Pub, that my friends and I had been to in Myrtle Beach, and wanted a copy of a photo of us gathered around a table. I was happy to provide such a photo for a chance to be published in such a prestigious periodical. Recently I have learned, from one of my very surprised friends, that my photo has, indeed, been used in the August 2009 edition of Golf Digest. My face, however, has been “selectively removed” by the artist.

The Original Photo

The Gang at the Ailsa

That’s me in the blue there, the third on the right, you see. Notice where the lamp is relative to my head.

The Published Illustration

Ailsa Pub in Golf Digest (crop)

Not only did the illustrator leave my gorgeous head out of the picture, replacing me with a lamp shade, but he seriously uglified the rest of my companions. And what really gets my goat is that my beer made it into the magazine! Grrrr!!! (full page scan here)

I say most of this in jest, of course. I am still delighted that contact via this blog could result in drawings of my good friends (Jeff, Paul, Mike, Mark, Jacob, Al, and John) and my beer being published in a magazine. Very, very cool.

  • jeff fitzgerald

    I think the Aliasa Pub should pay us to stay at Lengends for the weekend, host a ceremony for us to sign the magazine cover while we donate the original photo that hangs next to the original sketch by the artist.

  • That’s an excellent idea, Jeff! Tell The Committee, asap!

    (I took the liberty of moving your comment to the relevant post)

  • That is so cold. The artist should be ashamed.

  • Paul

    I like the way I look with the bigger nose. If I wasn’t both a cheapskate and on the downhill side of 60 I might consider getting some work done. The illustrator did a good job with Jeff, but wasn’t able to capture his glassy stare, which is too bad, because Jeff works hard on that. He spent the most time drawing John. Too much, probably, since he turned John’s four forehead wrinkles into six. The artist took a few years away from Mike and gave them to Al, who is as close to looking wise as I have ever seen him. Mark looks good, but the illustrator must have been running out of ink or interest when he got to Jacob. I do like that Buck Rogers chin though.

    As for replacing you with a lampshade, I can’t really blame him or her, and it is a nice looking lampshade. If you had been sitting at the table the way I have taught you – hunched over with both elbows on the table – you wouldn’t have hurt the picture’s symmetry so much, and you might have been allowed to stay.

  • Jake

    I went out and bought a copy of Golf Digest last night after seeing this post for the first time. Kudos to Erik for having such a well developed blog to share our experiences. And I do think Jeff has an idea at least worth mentioning to the Legends.

  • i notice some other faces have been removed as well! so it’s nothing personal!