Saturday Crafts Fair

July 27, 2009 By: erik Category: Colindres, Family, Offspring, Photos 179 views

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Sitting with DaddyOn Saturday we went to a very small arts and crafts fair that was being put on in the church plaza, a block from our house. They had the usual assortment of jewelry, noise-making toys, untested medicinal grasses, and some animals. At about 13:00, we got a call from my in-laws saying that the five days since they’d seen Nora had been too much, and that they were coming to visit us. After lunch, we went for a family walk together.

Gummy Candies
Oh, and lots of candies.

Dangly Earrings
Earrings. The sign in the back says that bracelets with your name on them can be made on the spot.

Does this dress make my ass look big?
Does this dress make my ass look big?

(No, I won’t ever grow tired of seemingly-vulgar-but-not phrases.)

Walking with Mommy
My gals.

Walking with Mommy
A kiss from great-grandpa.

Walking with Mommy
Aunt Belén gets empty stroller pushing duty.

Sitting with Daddy
Sitting down for a beer.

Paternal Kiss
A paternal kiss.

Sitting with Daddy
Participating in the conversation.

With Aunt Belén
Ear discovery with Aunt Belén.

It was a nice impromptu visit, and a generally very relaxed weekend. It’s a good thing, too, because next weekend we go on vacation!

  • i see from the photos that when you say “the in-laws” you mean the whole extended family… aunts, grandparents, great-grandparents etc! did they leave mondra in a convoy?

    • Yep. Five people came. They spent a half hour in a caravana in Bilbao, though, of course. When there’s good weather, the Basques come streaming across the border into Cantabria.

  • Ines

    in my experience the basque only go to your neck of the woods when the weather forecast is better over where you are…sun worshiping as it’s best
    in the case of your inlaws I have the feeling it has very little to do with the weather but a lot to do with a little someone 😉 5 days without seeing her is a long time I guess…like my mother would say…’es carne de mis carnes’ lol