Five Months Old

August 24, 2009 By: erik Category: Family, Offspring, Partying, Photos 200 views

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Five Months Old (crop)Today is Nora’s five month birthday. Every birthday so far we’ve had cheeseburgers for lunch. We’ve stopped buying cake, though, ever since con of calories began to outweigh the pro of having cake. She slept through the burgers on her activity mat. It’s strange now to see tiny babies in the street and be the one saying, “I can barely remember when mine was that small,” but here we are. We have no envy for the parents of week-olds, though. Every day Nora’s getting more interesting to be around.

Goals for month six include: Learning to sit up on your own. So far, I’m doubtful.

Five Months Old

Happy birthday, Kiddo!

P.S. Make this month a good one, because if your mother has to hold up six fingers next time, you might get dropped.

  • Paul

    Neither one of those lovely gals looks like she went through the trauma of birth only five months ago.

    I think that, before next month, you need to teach Nora to hold one finger in the air.

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