Zombie Eighties Party

September 08, 2009 By: erik Category: Colindres, Stuff I Found, Weird 165 views

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On Sunday, my wife, daughter, and I took a leisurely walk up to Colindres de Arriba. At one point the street is lined with a tall concrete wall. As we walked by the open gate, we glanced in for the second it took us to pass the gate. Several steps later, our brains had processed what we’d seen: a group of young people with HUGE ash-colored eighties hair, each wearing zombie make-up, just sort of milling around, as young people at parties and zombies tend to do. The music that was playing? What else? Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

When we walked by the second time on our return trip, there were quite a few more cars parked outside the gate, and while we didn’t see any zombies, I did see a professional grade video tripod, which confirmed Marga’s hypothesis that they were doing some sort of remake of the most famous music video ever.

Zombie Eighties Party: the best kind of zombie party, and the best kind of eighties party.

  • Ines

    IMHO a blog post without a picture is as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike… 🙁
    Euskalduna in London

    • I, too, regret not getting a picture, but I didn’t really feel comfortable walking up to a bunch of zombies to ask if I could take their picture, nor with taking a picture without permission. I apologize…

      • I understand, but at the same time wonder whether dressing up as an eighties zombie is not, in itself, a kind of blanket waiver of certain privacy rights.

  • I have to hope that both the eighties hair and the zombification were fake. But if only one of them was an act, I hope it was the eighties hair.

  • WHEN the Zombie Apocalypse comes I wonder how many people will get munched just after thinking “hey a thriller video remake”

    I’m tweeting that. It might save lives.