Don Eduardo

October 02, 2009 By: erik Category: Colindres, Offspring, Photos, Spain 191 views

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WhiskeryOn Sunday, we took an afternoon walk up to Upper Colindres, and we saw some horses. Nora seems to like the big docile creatures. One horse is particularly fond of her, too. This time we didn’t let him touch her, since he was suffering from a runny nose.

High Horse
Isn’t that fence a little low? No, actually, to get to the fence he’d have to walk down a steep incline.

Blond Bangs
Blond bangs.

Nora meets a horse
Hello, Don Eduardo!

I’ve decided to call this fellow Don Eduardo (Mr. Edward). When I told Marga, she said, “Of course!” When I stopped laughing, I had to explain to her why her response was so funny, and sing the Mr. Ed song.

Hello, little human!
Hello there, little human!

Fly in your eye
Fly in your eye! Man, that’s gotta be annoying.

Ten Flies
Ten flies.

Happy to see a horsey
Look at the big horsey!


Backlit Whiskers
Backlit whiskers.

  • Nice! I love how enormous the horse looks in the first photo.

  • I love the Nora eye view of the horse’s muzzle! The one with the blond bangs looks a bit hollywood to me!

    • I wasn’t going to say anything, but it is true that Scarlett Johansson doesn’t have an alibi during the hour of this walk.