An F in Sitting

November 08, 2009 By: erik Category: News, Offspring, Parenting, Photos, Videos 189 views

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I'm a good sitter!Nora’s academic career is off to a pretty dismal start. She got her first report card from daycare. Imagine the disappointment on her parents’ faces to see that she’s getting an F in Sitting. Her daycare attendant informed us that, for her age, she severely lacks the muscle tone needed to maintain herself in a seated position. She said that she placed Nora in a walker, and Nora pretty much just slumped over. The attendant gave us a book about exercises that we need to be doing with Nora and told us how to practice with her. Needless to say, we were pretty shocked and devastated. But, like good parents, we set her up a strict regimen of regular beatings homework time to practice.

One of the exercises we’ve developed for her involves sitting on the floor with a cushion to support her lower back and two on each side to prevent noggin-to-floor damage. We had one noggin-to-floor incident already, but don’t worry, the floor was fine.

Sitting Up, Watching TV
I’ve been leaving her like this while I prepare lunch for the grown-ups.

I'm a good sitter!
Oh, hi.

Sitting Up, Watching TV

Before today, I’d say she’s made it to about one or two minutes of sitting before the Earth’s gravity overtakes her, and always with a cushion supporting her lower back. Without the cushion, she hasn’t been good for more than about 25 seconds.

And then today, we had a major breakthrough. Her mother sat her up, and Nora focused her concentration and remained there for…well, let’s watch…

What a great “Fail + Hard Work = Win” story! Disney, would you like to place the first bid for the movie rights?

  • That first less than stellar review from a teacher is very tough. When we found out that you had failed cutting I was shocked, defensive and determined to raise your grade as soon as possible. Nora’s progress is excellent. Keep up the balance and core exercise work.

    • I turns out that I still suck at cutting with scissors.

      • Hmmm. Bad example on my part. I’m sure she’ll ace sitting in no time.

  • i love that determined look she gets at times in the video… like she knows she got a bad report card and she’s determined to do better this time..

    failed at cutting, heh?! oh, and btw, she probably won’t thank you for advertising farts in the internet when she’s about, oh 16 or so!

    • Look, if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s the fault of her parents that she can’t control her farts while the camera is rolling.

      I mean, periodic gaseous expulsions are signs of digestive health.

      Yes, she does look very concentrated in the video, doesn’t she?

      In related news, she spent (untimed) about 15 minutes sitting up today. Late bloomers can still kick ass.

  • Pish posh. Lots of babies take their sweet time learning to sit up. Babies do things in their own order and in their own time. But I know what you mean. I always feel kind of bad when people ask Eva’s age and they immediately say “oh, so she must be crawling all over the place now!” Actually, not so much.

    By the way, those jammies look so comfortable.