Sitting Around, Looking Cute

November 13, 2009 By: erik Category: Offspring, Videos 140 views

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thumbSitting is like riding a bicycle, it seems. Once you get it, you’ve got it for life. Nora’s been doing quite a bit of sitting since mastering the ability a week ago. She does still fall down eventually, but she’s gone for at least fifteen minutes a couple times. Yesterday she was looking so adorable in her long-sleeved flowery blouse and purple corduroy dress that I had to record a video of her sitting up. The trick, I learned after three takes, was for me to be down on the floor behind the camera making goofy faces. When I hit stop on the camera, my neck was killing me. I can see where she gets her hatred of the prone position.

She remained sitting for several takes, but the last one was best.

  • Gooooooooooooooooo, Nora!

    You make a goofy face, and since she’s watching you, she makes a cute face in response, and since I’m watching her, I make a goofy face in response. Heh.

    • She’s a portal of goofiness causality!

  • A couple of times she saves herself by holding on to the mat. That is a high level skill. . . and who hasn’t fallen over laughing?

    • Also, she’s just now started putting a hand out in the direction that she’s falling to catch herself and push herself back up. Her parents are very proud of her.

  • Erik that’s funny about the neck thing but I can relate, thank god mine grown up. Injoy that neck hurting as long as you can cause before you know it their grown up. So injoy and she’s a cuttie pie.