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thumbWhen we got home from visiting my in-laws last week, Nora was a little ball of energy. Flailing and chirping. If she could walk, she’d have been zooming around the house knocking things over. Once she calmed down a little bit, I recorded a short video of her antics. It was this behavior that lead me to tweet:

Not sure how to describe daughter’s behavior this evening, but the unit of measurement would be kilotons of TNT.

  • Paul

    You say you recorded this AFTER she calmed down? I suppose the room was shaking too much before then.

    She’s a cutey. I’m reminded of what you wrote a year ago – “I look forward to selfishly guarding my immortal genes in their brand new flesh bag once they get out of the gene packaging facility.” Now I see you poking that little flesh bag in the tummy and going all coo coo. I suppose that the gene packaging facility does it too. It looks like I’m going to have to go over there and guard my own immortal genes.

    • Yes, that was after she calmed down a bit.

      I also reread that sentence today. It’s one of my best.