Correos Still Life

April 16, 2010 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photography, Photos, Photoshop, Spain 354 views

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CorreosOn a recent walk I snapped a photograph of the local postman’s scooter. The mail in Colindres is delivered mostly by foot, with mailmen and mail-women walking around town pulling a little pull-cart, like the ones housewives pull to and from the grocery store. There’s one mailman who zips around on a scooter, parking it in the middle of a neighborhood and delivering letters from it to the nearby houses. I really liked my photo of his scooter and decided to play with it in photoshop, adding a pseudo-tilt-shift focusing effect to the scooter, with some desaturation of the background. I liked it so much that when a mailbox caught my eye, sitting alone with a tree, the following day, I snapped a photograph. After some similar photoshopping, the mailbox and tree really look to be keeping each other company. With these two made, I decided to go, yesterday, and snap the other mailbox (there are only two in town that I know of). Lo and behold it, too, was accompanied by some inanimate friends. And thus, I present to you, Correos Still Life.

In the US, the color for the US Postal Service is blue; in Britain, the Royal Mail is red; and in Spain, Correos is yellow.

Tree and Mailbox Still Life
A tree with her yellow friend.

Mailbox, Pay Phone, Trash Can Still Life
A mailbox and a garbage can keep an almost outdated phone booth company.

  • Hilltop

    I think this would be a great way to present products on a website. You can understand the context of the picture, yet the focus of the picture is obvious.

    • Nice idea, Hilltop! You’re always thinking of ways of making your employer more money.

    • Eleven days after you suggested this, I noticed this ad in the window of a local Ye Olde Baby Shoppe. The effect works very well, I think.

      Focusing attention