After so much everything for nothing

May 06, 2010 By: erik Category: Art, Colindres, Spain, Spanish 268 views

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VidaOn today’s walk I went down a street I don’t normally use and found a bronze plaque I had never noticed. On it was a poem by José Hierro, one of Spain’s twentieth century poets. He was born in Madrid, but then moved to Cantabria, the region where I live, when he was two years old. I don’t know about Hierro’s philosophy, but this particular poem is quite nihilistic. It’s also just the length and has just the right amount of wordplay that I like in poems. What do you think?



Después de todo, todo ha sido nada,
a pesar de que un dí­a lo fue todo.
Después de nada, o después de todo
supe que todo no era más que nada.

Grito “¡Todo!”, y el eco dice “¡Nada!”.
Grito “¡Nada!”, y el eco dice “¡Todo!”.
Ahora sé que la nada lo era todo,
y todo era ceniza de la nada.

No queda nada de lo que fue nada.
(Era ilusión lo que creí­a todo
y que, en definitiva, era la nada.)

Qué más da que la nada fuera nada
si más nada será, después de todo,
después de tanto todo para nada.


After everything, everything has been nothing,
despite that one day it was everything.
After nothing, or after everything
I knew that everything was no more than nothing.

I shout, “Everything!”, and the echo says, “Nothing!”
I shout, “Nothing!”, and the echo says, “Everything!”
Now I know that the nothing was everything
and everything was the ash of the nothing.

Nothing is left of what nothing was.
(It was illusion that created everything
and that, in short, was the nothing.)

Who cares if the nothing was nothing
if it will be more nothing, after everything,
after so much everything for nothing.

  • G Hilton

    So, there’s nothing and everything to like about this poem?