July 4th Party – Hamburgerfest 2010

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July Fourth HamburgerfestWe had another successful Hamburgerfest this year for July 4th, with friends Agustin, Ana, Ivan, Veronica, Manolo, Elena, José Luis, and Azucena attending. In 2009, we came up almost short on hamburger meat, so this year we decided to make sure that definitely didn’t happen. As a result, we have about eight hamburgers left over to freeze or eat this week. Nora was very well behaved with the guests once her initial “who are all these people in my living room??” confusion wore off. And they were very good about warming up to her slowly. Agustin fed her a pretty big portion of his dessert of flan, ice cream and whipped cream, which endeared him to her at least for the duration of the dessert course.

After the meal, the men lounged around on the sofa (is it a compliment to the chef if someone you make a cheeseburger for asks for a difibrilator?) and played cards and the women talked and looked at our wedding album. Several times Nora seemed to forget that she needs someone’s hand to walk across the room and she walked solo a dozen paces. So she had quite an Independence Day!

July Fourth Hamburgerfest Meat Purchase

The meat purchase. A.k.a. The pursuit of happiness. 3.4 kilos of happiness.

July Fourth Hamburgerfest

All the fixin’s.

Eating Dessert

After Agustin and Nora were done with Agustin’s dessert, he gave her the bowl. I think you know where this is going…

Eating Dessert

Pouring caramel on her neck and down her shirt.

Eating Dessert


Happy birthday, America! Anybody want a leftover hamburger?