Watching Eva

August 27, 2010 By: erik Category: Offspring, Videos 124 views

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Watching EvaToday, my internet friend, Andrea, posted a video of her daughter, Eva, who is three months older than Nora, exhibiting one of the most annoying toddler behaviors: dropping whatever cute thing she is doing and coming to examine the video camera her parent has clutched so importantly. It’s a very reasonable thing to do, but awfully frustrating for the documentarian. While I was playing the video, Nora heard Eva talking and entered my office. So I propped her up on my desk and showed her the video. The resulting video (captured with my new HD-recording iPhone 4) reminds me a little of the green screen game they play on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, where one improv “contestant” is placed in front of a green screen and has to guess, from the commentary of the other contestants what is going on behind him.

Not much was added to the cuteness of the original video, but I think Nora enjoyed it.

  • Wow, it’s pretty surreal watching Nora watching Eva.

    I’m impressed with the video quality of your iPhone!

    • You know, you could always do a video of Eva watching Nora watching Eva. Just sayin’…

      Of course, at some point we should stop the recursion.