Monster in the Closet

September 09, 2010 By: erik Category: House, Offspring, Photos 186 views

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Monster in the Closet (crop)In just about every room of the house, Nora has a favorite place that she will go to if you carry her in and set her down in that room. In my office, she likes the corner with the guitar; in the kitchen, she likes the spot behind the stools; and in our bedroom, she used to like my bedside table best, but she’s recently discovered the wardrobes, and the fact that she can get inside one and close the door.

Can you spot the monster?

Monster in the Closet

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  • Hee hee!

  • So cute! Though maybe it’s my mommy-instinct, but the first thing I think when I see those tiny fingers on that door is “don’t slam your fingers in the door!”

    • Yeah, me too. But the angles involved mean that she can’t get much force on the door to slam it. She just likes holding it as closed as she can.