Spanish Childhood

October 05, 2010 By: erik Category: Bulls, Offspring, Spain, Videos 398 views

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Bullfighting A ToddlerAs an American child, I learned everything I knew about bullfighting from Bugs Bunny. My daughter, on the other hand, is growing up in Spain. Even as a toddler, she is being toreada (bullfought?) by her grandparents. They even use one of her red cardigans to tempt her, just like Bugs Bunny might do.

Notice the bit of authenticity when she falls down and her grandmother starts chanting “Fuera! Fuera!”, meaning “Out! Out!” This is because when a bull falls down too much or seems lame, the audience at a bullfight will chant for the bull to be spared, as the fight is too easy. Sometimes the president of the bullring will pardon a lame bull.

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