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This parenting thing is so easy, I think we should do it again! I’m pleased to announce that Marga is pregnant with our second child, who is expected to arrive around the end of October. I’ve never liked things that pop out, scream at me, and scare the crap out of me at Halloween, but I suspect I’ll love this one.

The pregnancy so far has been the polar opposite of the first one. With #1, Marga knew within hours of conception, through sensations that are difficult to describe, that she was pregnant. For #2, we knew we’d hit Ovulation Day spot on, but she felt nothing for a fortnight. Mild dizziness pushed us to buy a pregnancy test, which came out entirely ambiguous. The second line that’s supposed to appear was just barely visible, but nowhere near the strength it had been with #1. We bought another test. At just under 10€ each the indecisiveness was annoying. The second test was only slightly more positive than the first one, leaving us completely in doubt. But a doctor’s visit confirmed that she did, in fact, have a parasitic human growing in her uterus.

Some advice for potential fathers… When your wife is waiting for the results of her pregnancy test, saying, “You know, according to quantum physics, until we actually observe the results of the test, you’re both pregnant and not pregnant!” is not a good idea.

We’re batting a thousand. Two pregnancies for two attempts. [insert marksmanship joke here] I know what some couples go through with fertility problems, and it makes me feel very blessed to be so fecund.

No sonograms or anything yet, as we’re still in early days. Most people don’t mention their pregnancies until they have an ultrasound to post, but I’m so pleased that I can’t wait.

Wish us luck!

  • Wow! I’m surprised; somehow I’d pegged you as a “one child” family. Huge congratulations to all of you!

    • erik

      Well, I guess you pegged wrong!

      Once again I am following in your footsteps. If you see any holes in the path I shouldn’t step in, let me know.

      • I’m just warning you right now that if you have any thoughts about having three kids, you can just stop expecting me to do it first because it ain’t gonna happen!

        • erik

          Wow! I’m surprised; somehow I had you pegged for a “six child” family. 🙂

  • Hey! Congratulations to you both! Well, to the three of you, after all Nora is going to be a big sister, and that’s a pretty big deal too.

  • Holly carp! That’s fantastic! I’m so pleased for you guys.

  • Simon

    Woo-hoo. And allow me also to congratulate you on the timing. The closer the gap between 1 and 2 the better, I reckon.
    Best of luck, although I’m sure you won’t need it.

  • You can feed blog comments to FB now? Cool.

  • This is great news Erik, enhorabuena! Sounds like she’s on the same schedule as I was last year with Manuela. She was due Halloween and came Oct 22. Tell Marga to get ready to show her belly on the beach this summer!

  • Congratulations to you both. May I quote you later? ” This parenting thing is so easy.” ??

  • Congratulations from me and Brendon!

  • Congratulations! I had sort of begun to think that there might be news like this coming along around Nora’s second or third birthday.

  • Erik,

    Congratulations for both of you. I can only imagine the stories we can look forward to as you now have to watch not one but two kids.