Spanair A320 Legroom is a Disgrace

July 25, 2011 By: erik Category: Complaining, Photos, Spain, Travel 589 views

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Spanair A320On my recent return from the United States, I had the displeasure of taking Spanair flight JK 6116 from Madrid to Bilbao on an Airbus A320. I’m not a big air traveler, but I take about ten flights a year. This A320 had the least amount of legroom on any plane I’ve ever been on. Spanair should be ashamed of themselves for cramming so many seats onto this aircraft.

A320 Spanair Legroom

I’m not a particularly tall man at 6’½” (184 cm), but I am on the taller end of the bell curve. There was absolutely no way, with my posterior as far back in the seat as possible, that I could keep my knees in the area that my seat’s passenger is supposed to occupy. If I had been next to someone of the same height, we would not have fit at all. I had to be constantly aware of when the flight attendants were moving carts around to protect my right knee.

Legroom Show-Off

Show off! Apparently they designed this plane for toddlers.

A320 Spanair Belly Room

Although I am overweight – and never more so than when I’m flying back from the US – at 185 lb (84 kg), I am nowhere near obesity and am probably on the thin side of the bell curve for Americans. I could just barely get the tray table down to horizontal by sucking in my belly. And the tray table had those rails, so it could have theoretically extended even closer to me.

On the flight from the US to Madrid there was a woman that needed one of those seat belt extenders because she was too obese for the regular seatbelt to latch. I can’t imagine what she would’ve done in this A320…just not fly, I guess.

It was the tray table that really proved to me that Spanair was guilty of putting too many seats in the aircraft, seats designed to have much more space between them. Even if I were trying to skimp on some cheap holidays all inclusive package, I’d expect a higher level of comfort that Spanair afforded me. I don’t have the kind of money that allows me to be picky about which airlines I use, but I will do my best to avoid Spanair in the future.

  • That has been my experience with Spanair as well.  For the time being, I’ll go out of my way to fly TAP whenever possible.  I suppose that I’d be willing to pay a maximum of 15-20% more to fly with them than a cheaper competitor.  It is kind of refreshing to be treated like a valued client, and I try to vote with my wallet.

  • jake

    Imagine how bad it would have been if the person in front of you reclined their seat…

  • Anonymous

    That does look cramped…except for Nora, she looks delighted, but who wouldn’t be with that much room.  I don’t fly often, but I’ll keep this in mind next time I travel.  Not that I can afford to be picky either.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I’m one inch taller and one kilo lighter than you!

  • Sailrm8

    Not sure if that’s Spanair or ALL A-320’s.  I just traveled from Cape Town to Dubai in an Emirates version and the seating config in that one too was disgustingly tight.  9 hours of hell is what it was and I think that extends to the Flight Attendants who had to work in the confined space.  Just my opinion but these aircraft should be restricted to [extremely] short range.  I’m 6′ 01″ and the person in front of me did recline and I was forced to stand up for a while until turbulance forced me back into my seat.  In addition to that and in comparison to Boeing I find the Airbus noisy, it vibrates even in smooth air and the seat cushions [in coach] are rock hard, after 9 hours I realy felt like my butt was bruised from the experience. My company who booked the flight are tired of hearing it!! But i’ll say it again “NEVER AGAIN” if I have a hand in booking arrangements.