Three Noras

September 05, 2011 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photography, Photoshop 314 views

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Before and After: The Last Twelve MonthsI realized that it was about time to revisit my temporal compositing Photoshop project, placing Nora on the couch with younger versions of herself. It’s no surprise that she has changed much less in her second year than in her first. What follows are three Noras, one at 6 months, one at 18 months, and another at 30 months. To take the 6-month-old’s picture, I had to prop her up and run to press the shutter before she fell over. The 18-month-old could sit there just fine, but the 30-month-old could actually be told to keep her legs straight and put her hands on her knees to conserve horizontal space.

Three Noras

It’s worth viewing larger. The first two pictures were slightly blurry, so I actually had to digitally blur the third one to match the others.

Before and After: The Last Twelve Months

A close-up of just the changes in the last twelve months. Although she is a bit taller and her hair is longer, the biggest changes have happened between her ears.

Looks like there’s one more spot on the couch for a 3.5-year-old…

  • Hahaha how cool! She is clearly the same little girl, just so much bigger!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s really well done!  And Nora is still just as cute as ever!

  • Ellen Hamilton Newman

    Hi Erik.  Sorry for this long comment – I wasn’t sure the best way to contact you.  First, I love your blog.  As a recent American transplant to Madrid (by way of Segovia), I stumbled upon your blog last year, and now follow it with pleasure. 

    Beyond that, I was hoping that I could use some of your content for a class I’m teaching.  I am currently a psychology professor at a university in Segovia (IE University: and when I saw this picture I had a self-serving idea and wanted to see if you’d be willing to help out.  I am looking for videos of children demonstrating different developmental milestones/concepts. I am currently teaching a class on development from infancy through early childhood, and I have been sifting through YouTube videos looking for videos that show good developmental transitions.  However, so far, it’s been hit or miss.  But, after seeing your post, I thought you and Nora might be good subjects for this activity 🙂

    Would you mind if I used videos of Nora in my class?  And, if not, can you recommend any posts with videos showing cool developmental moments?

    Thanks for such a fun blog!


    Ellen Newman

  • Brendon

    So where’s the four Nora version?