Extremadura Stroll

September 07, 2011 By: erik Category: Extremadura, Offspring, Photos, Spain, Travel, Videos 275 views

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Extremadura SunsetWhen we go on summer vacations in Extremadura, as we do most Augusts, the weather is usually too hot to do much besides drink and sleep during the day, but at dusk, it’s just the right temperature for a nice stroll through the countryside. Just after sunset, the stars come out with a light-pollution-free brilliance that I almost never get to enjoy. In the past, I have been a bit more serious about photographing the serene beauty of an Extremadura sunset, but this year, in a marriage of convenience and laziness, I decided to only take my iPhone with me.

Extremadura Sunset

Gently blowing grass.

Extremadura Wall

A broken wall.

Extremadura Wall

I think this wall ends in China.

Extremadura Sunset

I made a video, which includes a clip of Nora walking with her mother and grandparents down a country road. In the video she’s saying, “Y por eso no se puede andar!” (And that’s why you can’t walk!), repeating a reason given for why she wasn’t allowed down from the stroller during the previous stretch of dirt path.

  • Loving your shirtless suegro. That’s a lot of awesome right there. Did I mention that I think Spanish grandpas are fantastic? Because they are.

    Por cierto, where in Extremadura are you vacationing? Do you eat a lot of cherries while there? Oh, how I love their cherries.

    • A little town in the middle of the Badajoz nothingness called Higuera de la Serena. There are fig trees, and it is very serene. Your husband, as is the case with most Spaniards, will have heard of the nearby town of Zalamea because of a famous Spanish play. It deserves a blog post one of these days…