Mitten Puppets

February 03, 2012 By: erik Category: Family, Offspring, Photos 383 views

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Nora with Mitten PuppetsMy grandmother, Joyce, knitted some mitten puppets for her great-granddaughter, Nora, for Christmas 2011. As often happens with presents not made in Chinese plastic molds, they got a little passed over on Christmas morning, but we’ve found them and the weather has finally gotten cold enough to necessitate insulating hand gear, so we put them on her yesterday. It turns out to be extremely difficult to actually get her thumb and pinky into their requisite holes, but she does enjoy the faces on them.

Thank you very much to my grandmother, Joyce, of crafts and off-roading fame, for these wonderful mittens. The photos that follow are for you…

…and for any catalog modeling scouts that may stop by.

Nora with Mitten Puppets

Nora with Mitten Puppets

Nora with Mitten Puppets

Hands up! This is a robbery!

Nora with Mitten Puppets

Nora with Mitten Puppets

Nora with Mitten Puppets

  • Bnanno

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  • Grandma

    Thank you for the pictures of Nora and the mittens.  I hoped she was the right age to enjoy them.  She is a charming!!


  • Anonymous

    Those are just too cute!  Our kids would have loved them when they were younger. 🙂

  • Those are adorable, you think grandma Joyce could knit me some, too? hehe