Mansion Gone

March 07, 2012 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos 317 views

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Crumbling MansionOne of my favorite local dilapidated mansions has met the sharp blade of Progress this month. I’ve mentioned it before, highlighting both the flora and fauna around it. I have long been curious to try to enter and look around, but my better judgement, more for safety than legal reasons, always prevented me.

Crumbling Mansion

This is what it used to look like, from the back. Or, if you prefer Google Street View

And as of a couple weeks ago…

Mansion Destroyed

This is from the same side as the Street View shot.

Mansion Destroyed

And from the back. Rubble.

Mansion Destroyed

Oh well. It’s sad when old things die, but if they didn’t, we’d have no room for new things. I always enjoyed walking by it, and never failed to turn my gaze towards it. I hope whatever gets built there is at least half as elegant.

  • Oh, too bad!  It did look awfully run-down though, so good thing you didn’t go inside.  I do hope whatever they build is nice, but from experience, a lot of the more modern buildings aren’t anything special.  At least you got a photo of it before it was torn down.

  • Albareto Kalamar

    It is a pity that they destroy this kind of buildings, they should be reconstructed, it makes no sense to make more stupid summer houses…

    When I have seen it I have immediately thought about this other one in Algorta, now they are reconstructing it but it was in a pretty bad state some years ago.

  • lsg

    This is another example that we live in a “monarquí­a bananera”. It should have been preserved.