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Naked Bulb

November 21, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, House, Photos

One of the first thing most visitors to our humble home say is, “So you guys got something against lamp shades, or what?” Our house still has the original light bulbs hanging from wires popping out of holes in the ceiling that the original builder left. And all the previous owners have shared our apathy about remedying the situation.

Honeymoon Wrap-Up

November 13, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, Photos, Travel

Finally! One month after the wedding, and the blogging from the wedding and honeymoon has come to an end! Whew!

Old Square

September 03, 2007 By: erik Category: England, Flickr, Weird

What a bizarre coincidence. I just searched Flickr for the word “restaurant”. Could there be a more common word? In fact, I have a theory, from my limited European travels, that it’s the word that’s most similar across many languages. Anyway, the second picture returned was this one:

Flickr Scare

August 07, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, Weird

Flickr just scared the crap out of me. I just went to my Flickr account at, and saw this:

Creepy Bathroom Pimp

July 12, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, Funny, Photos

I took this picture last time I was in Mondragon, in Grandpa Ramón’s house. When I was in the bathroom, I noticed this strange character in the corner, sitting in a wooden chair. To see him better, I moved his arm, which pivoted up into this rapper pose.

My Cup of Tea

June 18, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, Geeky, Photos, Photoshop

When I was uploading my frame breaking work to Flickr the other day, and placing it in the appropriate groups, I found this incredibly awesome picture:

Old Favorites

June 06, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, Photos, Soccer, Spain

As I’ve been going through my old posts and converting them to use Flickr for all image hosting, I’ve found some old photos that I had forgotten about that I really love. I thought I’d re-post a few here for you.

Migrating to Flickr

June 05, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, News, Wordpress

I’ve been debating for a while how to, and whether or not to, switch to host all of my photos on Flickr.

Blond and Brunette

June 01, 2007 By: erik Category: Colindres, Flickr, Partying, Photos

A couple Sundays ago, Marga and I went out for a few drinks. She got so entranced in her sun worship that I was able to snap this picture without her knowledge.

Aerial Manhattan

May 29, 2007 By: erik Category: Flickr, Photos, USA

I’ve flown into New York airports at least a dozen times, and I’ve never come close to being as lucky as my buddy, Hubbers, was for this photo.