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Newt Gingrich Morphed Into A Newt

November 29, 2011 By: erik Category: Funny, Morphing, Photoshop, Politics, USA

Newt 2012I’ve been very much enjoying the puppet show that is the GOP’s attempt to find a candidate that has any chance of defeating Obama in the 2012 presidential campaign. As the media’s interest in each candidate ebbs and flows, they are each shown to not really be a contender. The most recent fad in the race is the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. As I watch the news coverage, I can’t help but chuckle to myself about the possibility of having a president with the same name as a species of salamander. I figured it was time to dust off my morphing skills and actually turn him into a newt.

Genetic Expressions: One Year Old

April 07, 2010 By: erik Category: Morphing, Offspring, Photos, Videos, Weird

Erik and Nora: One Year OldWhen we were visiting my parents recently, my wife was looking through some family photo albums. Immediately she recognized her daughter in the baby pictures of her husband. I have to admit that sometimes looking at my daughter is a little bit like I have traveled back in time and am looking at my former self. It’s downright spooky sometimes. To bring this spookiness to my blog audience, I have asked my mother to scan some photos of myself during my first birthday, which unfortunately involved no spontaneous singing of 60’s pop hits that I know of. The resulting photos are downright eerie. Behold…

Morphing Nora Into An Adult

October 30, 2009 By: erik Category: Experiments, Geeky, Morphing, Offspring, Photos, Scary, Videos, Weird

Aged NoraThis is quite possibly the creepiest blog post I’ve ever posted, at least on a personal level. I’ve always known I would do this, and my regular readers might share in my surprise that it’s taken me so long to do it. Yesterday, in a curiosity-fueled effort to speculate on what Nora might look like as an adult, I morphed my face with my wife’s. Morphing is always creepy, and even more so when it is done with faces that you know very well.

Burns Simpson 2008

October 02, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Morphing, Photoshop, Politics, USA

Burns Simpson 2008In the interest of fairness, I had no choice but to do a Simpsons morph with the Republican presidential running mates. Last week, I created Carlson Leonard 2008 to mock the Democratic party, so now it’s the GOP’s turn. There was only one obvious choice of a Simpsons character to morph Sarah Palin into. She’s a polite, simple mother with a huge towering beehive hairdo. Hmm…who does that remind you of? As for John McCain, it was close between Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burns. In the end, Mr. Burns’ solid hairline and general demeanor won. Unfortunately, I could not find very high resolution images of the Mr. Burns or Marge, so the result is pretty low res. Without further ado…

Carlson Leonard 2008

September 26, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Geeky, Morphing, Politics, USA, Videos

Watching some Simpsons the other day, it hit me what presidential morph I should do next. I’ve already morphed McCain into Palin and Obama into Biden. Now it’s time to go a little cartoony. What better black guy and white guy to morph Obama and Biden into than Carl and Lenny? So here it goes. Hold on to your sanity…

The Face Of The Next US President

September 22, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Geeky, Morphing, Politics, USA, Videos, Weird

We won’t know who George W. Bush’s successor will be until November, but if we morph Barack Obama’s face with John McCain’s, we can see a face that looks a little bit like the next President of the United States of America.

As you may recall, I’ve already morphed Barack Obama into Joe Biden, which turned into a pretty good looking gentleman. And I’ve also morphed John McCain into Sarah Palin, which turned into a not so good looking grandmotherly person.

I present to you, a face that looks an awful lot like the next US president, guaranteed… (more…)

Obama Biden Morph

September 19, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Morphing, Politics, USA, Videos, Weird

Obama Biden MorphIt wouldn’t be very fair of me to only morph John McCain and Sarah Palin together, now would it? I prefer to think of myself as a politically neutral face mangler.

The Obama-Biden merger was much easier because of similar postures and general head shape and hair style (no bangs). Plus, I think I’m getting a little better at it. Unlike the wide-jawed grandmother that resulted from morphing the Republican presidential ticket, the Democratic ticket results in a pretty good-looking guy. Perhaps even handsomer than either of the two candidates on their own.

McCain Palin Morph

September 18, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Internet, Morphing, Politics, USA, Videos, Weird

McCain Palin MorphI was absolutely amazed today to discover that no one out there in the tube system has yet created a video morphing the faces of John McCain and Sarah Palin. How could this be? As someone who possesses the technology, skill, and crazy necessary to create such a video, I felt it was clearly my civic duty to fill this important void in presidential politics. Thus, I have created and posted a video morphing John McCain and Sarah Palin.

With no further ado, I present to you the bastard lovechild of the Republican presidential ticket…