Little Bo Peep

November 05, 2010 By: erik Category: Offspring, Parenting, Photos

Remote herdingOne aspect I did not foresee of my child gaining her bipedal mobility, was that she was not the only object in our house that would no longer remain stationary. Scores of inanimate objects move about our house seemingly randomly on a daily basis. Conversations like, “Where’s the television remote?” “Have you checked the bidet?” have become commonplace. Just this morning I had to use Apple’s “Find My iPhone” service to locate my phone. The question is not if an electronic device will end up in the toilet, it’s a matter of which electronic device will get flushed.

A very recent behavior has emerged of hoarding certain objects. I can tell, whenever she’s marching from room to room with that determined look on her face, that some exodus of objects is taking place, be it coasters, pencils, toys, or clothes pins.

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