Zahí­nos 2012

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On The Farm - Zahí­nos 2012My wife and I arrived in my father-in-law’s hometown of Zahí­nos on the evening of Saturday, August 4th, right at the height of the town’s summer festival. Our daughter, Nora, who had not seen us in a week was ecstatic to be reunited with us. After sitting and chatting for a while with my wife’s aunt, uncle and cousins, we headed down to the town fairgrounds for the most Spanish of all pastimes. A portable bullring had been set up and there were two bullfighters, including a hometown lad, scheduled to perform.

Spanish Childhood

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Bullfighting A ToddlerAs an American child, I learned everything I knew about bullfighting from Bugs Bunny. My daughter, on the other hand, is growing up in Spain. Even as a toddler, she is being toreada (bullfought?) by her grandparents. They even use one of her red cardigans to tempt her, just like Bugs Bunny might do.