Lahinch – Ireland Golf Trip 2011 – Day 7 of 7

June 23, 2011 By: erik Category: Golf, Ireland, Photos, Travel

Erik and Jacob at LahinchOn June 18, 2011, we all got up fairly early, but not to play golf. It was “go back to the airport” day. We checked out of the Perryville House, piled into our rented “people carrier” and began the two hour drive for Shannon airport. Since I had lived and driven [on the wrong side of the road] in England for four years and also get motion sickness when I’m in the backseat, I was the designated driver for most of our Ireland trip. This was great, except for when everyone else nodded off to sleep and I had to fight the same urge myself. We drove through Cork and headed due north up to Limerick and eventually to Shannon. First, however, we had to stop at the original Bunratty Courtyard B&B that the others had stayed in to pick up Paul and Jeff’s golf club travel bags, which had been left behind in the interest in fitting all of us in the vehicle. Jacob and I would be staying that night at the B&B before our early departures the following day. After leaving Jacob and his and my things at the B&B, I drove Jeff and Paul to the airport where we hugged and congratulated each other on a wonderful trip.