Itchy Eyes

May 17, 2016 By: erik Category: Offspring, Parenting

Spring BeeStarting about two weeks ago, shortly after his third birthday, coinciding with a nasty bout of gastroenteritis, Ian’s eyes starting itching, particularly his right eye. He was rubbing the heck out of them. It got really bad this weekend, to the point where one of them got hugely swollen, almost swollen shut. On Sunday we took him to the ER and they gave us two bottles of eye drops, one was an antibiotic in case the swelling was from an infection, and the other was an antihistamine in case the cause was allergy. He hated having them applied, but they did the job.

Clean Bill of Health

August 24, 2010 By: erik Category: News, Offspring, Photos

Proper ladies wear hatsAs I mentioned a month ago, there was some very mild concern about Nora’s slow development in both speaking and walking, and an appointment was made to see a specialist. Well, we just got back from the specialist today, on her seventeen-month birthday. We were initially surprised that our appointment was in the Rehabilitation Department of the Valdecilla hospital in Santander. “We don’t need rehabilitation; we need habilitation“, I quipped. After some reflection, however, it makes sense that experts in the task of learning to walk and speak would probably best serve the people in a center for injured adults that need to relearn those skills.

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