Where are all the video emails?

December 30, 2010 By: erik Category: Damn, Nature!, Marketing, Programming

thumbWith the release of the iPhone 4, and similar competitors, in 2010, video phone calls are just now starting to become more commonplace, although they are often less comfortable or convenient than regular voice calls. Webcam video chatting has been gaining in popularity over the last decade, but it has still been a bit cumbersome, usually requiring a lot of pre-communication communication to decide on a time for the call.

I had one of the very first computer webcams, the Connectix QuickCam, back in 1995. I took it with me to college and actually video chatted with my parents a few times from my college dorm room. At the time, the webcam software and propaganda was very excited about the idea of “video email”, and that, in the very near future, we’d all be sending short video recordings to each other like on Star Trek. But then again, everyone thought we’d be surfing the web in 3D with VRML by the end of the millennium, too.

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