Emi and Mario’s Wedding

August 12, 2012 By: erik Category: Partying, Photos, Spain

Emi and Mario's WeddingOn Friday, August 3rd, we drove south towards Madrid to attend the wedding of Emi and Mario. Emi and my wife, Marga, who is three days younger than Emi, have been friends since they were children. Emi is from the same Extremadura town as Marga’s mother and grandmother, and Marga would spend most of her summer vacations in Extremadura with her grandparents, so they grew up together over the summers. Neither of them will forget the phone call when Marga told Emi, “I have some big news!”, only to hear Emi respond, “Me too, you first!” Marga, who was worried she’d be the only one of her summer friends with a baby, told Emi that she was pregnant, and Emi exclaimed, “Me too!” Emi and Mario’s daughter, Carla, was born only weeks after Nora.

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