Swedish Furniture Epiphany

January 09, 2014 By: erik Category: House, News, Photos

Swedish Furniture Epiphany - AfterMy wife and I are some of the worst home decorators I know. Not only do we lack vision and style (“What would look good in this space?”), but we’re stingy as hell. Also, due to our expatriate past/present, we feel very comfortable with the idea of packing up and moving very far away. Which is funny since we’ve lived in our current house for 8.5 years, longer than we’ve lived anywhere but with our parents. Our false sense of “We could move out at any moment!” makes us terribly unwilling to actually nest in our current home, and make it better.

Epic Boiler Adventure

May 04, 2011 By: erik Category: Complaining, House

Boiler KnobOver the last year, our boiler (the appliance that uses propane gas from our community tanks to heat water for the sinks, showers, and radiators) slowly stopped working. Well, it heated the radiators just fine, but the hot water in the showers was only lukewarm at best. My wife and I could be brave and take cool showers, but towards the end, we were having to boil water separately to fill the bathtub for our daughter. Finally we couldn’t take it anymore and we called up our friend, Manolo, who says he’s not a plumber, he’s a Hydrosanitation Engineer.