Interviewing Ian – Bilingual One Year Old

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Last night, as often seems to happen, Ian decided that no, actually, he wasn’t sleepy at bedtime. So I had to bring him downstairs. He managed to veg out with the television for a bit while I finished my workday, and then we played for a bit. At one point he came into my office and wanted to sit on my lap, and he was doing adorable things, so I got out my phone and interviewed him. He does pretty well at identifying parts of his body in both languages. This really surprised me the first time I tested him, months ago, in English, because his Spanish grandparents had been teaching him the parts in Spanish. I had never explicitly told him what the word “mouth” or “ear” means, but he knew.

Preschool in Spain

May 30, 2013 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photos, Spain

In Front of her SchoolIt’s really hard to believe, but my daughter is already finishing her first school year. Like in the States, school isn’t mandatory until age six, but study after study shows nothing but advantages of a good preschool education. For a post she’s preparing, my blogrollmate, the very popular Kaley, from Y Mucho Más, asked me for an interview about my experiences in the Spanish education system. Her questions were excellent, and it felt sort of like an exit interview after this first year.

Interview with InterNations

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Colindres and Laredo from aboveRecently I was contacted by InterNations, an organization I registered my expat status with several years ago and have since been diligently ignoring all their newsletters about meet ups in Madrid. They asked if I’d like to do an interview with them and to be featured on their site. I agreed, but then life got complicated, and they ended up having to nag me several times, but we finally did the interview and they published it. They’ve given me permission to re-post it here for your enjoyment. Some of my regular readers might not know my answers to some of these basic questions.

Diego Did It

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Diego Did It (thumbnail)As we quickly approach Nora’s third birthday later this month, her verbal skills continue to advance. She’s capable of recounting incidents from daycare, and often her stories check out, even if her telling of the story isn’t always coherent. The other day she insisted on telling me about how her jacket got wet. It seems that she was innocently (she’s such an angel!) drinking water from a cup, when a reckless lad by the name of Diego came careening into her causing her to spill her water. She was being rather cute about her explanation of what happened, so I decided to film her as if I were cross-examining a witness in the trial to determine Diego’s innocence or guilt.

Nora’s First Video

December 14, 2011 By: erik Category: Complaining, Offspring, Videos

Nora's First Video (thumbnail)You know how annoying it is when you take your modern digital point-and-shoot camera or mobile phone to take a photograph and the darn thing is in “video” mode? If you’re like me, you’ve taken countless one or two second videos when you thought you were taking a photograph. Well, it turns out that it’s also annoying when you are a two year old with your father’s mobile phone and you want to take a photograph of your father, the dinner he is preparing, and yourself.

I found the following video on my phone recently. I had no idea that she had shot it.

I want to stay at home!

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I want to stay at home! (thumbnail)Before her three week vacation of non-stop 24-hour grandparent attention, Nora was pretty good about going to daycare. After her lunch, she’d say, “And now we have to go to daycare!” and hop in her stroller for me to take her. After vacation, it’s been more of a struggle. The first two days, she cried for 90 minutes straight until her favorite daycare provider, Nela, arrived for her afternoon shift. The daycare boss, Adela, wisely commented that, “Well sure, it’s a struggle for all of us to go back to daily routines after a vacation, and the longer the vacation, the harder it is.” It was one thing back before she could talk, when she would cry when I dropped her off at daycare, but now that she can say, “Daddy, are you going to leave? Why are you leaving? Stay here with Nora! Take me with you!”, it’s somewhat more heartbreaking. (more…)

Toddler Conversations

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Airplane Leg Room Show-OffNora continues to excel lingually in both English and Spanish. Oh, wait, she didn’t used to. Her English got a much needed boost on our fortnight (a flight attendant asked why we were going for only four nights) visit to the United States. When we arrived, she was speaking about 20% English, and when we left, she was using English about 90% of the time, even with her mother.

As parents often do, I had high expectations for her to not confuse the two languages upon returning to Spain. However, she did, in fact, speak a few sentences to her abuelos in English. I had to teach my mother-in-law that “me too” means “yo también” and what a “potty” is. She said, “Oh, I’ll remember that for sure, since my pharmacist is named Poti.”

Interview With A Blogger

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Over the past several weeks, as a project for his own personal blog, a colleague of mine, Cole Watts, has been interviewing me about my blogging over email. It was a fun experience, as I’ve never been interviewed as if I knew something about anything, well, almost never. I suspect many of my readers might be wondering these exact questions about me, but perhaps not. Here, reproduced with permission, in its entirety, is Cole Watts’ interview of Erik Rasmussen, blogging expert.

Erik, living it up in SpainMost of us daydream about traveling but many of us will often not leave the United States. I\’ve recently had the opportunity to be a coworker of Erik Rasmussen, who took the idea of traveling and ran with it. Erik currently resides in Spain and is known to some as an American in Spain.

I’m Fine, Thank You

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I'm fine, thank you. Video thumbnail.Recently, I mentioned that Nora now knows how to respond to “How are you?” with “I’m fine, thank you.” Yesterday, she looked so cute in her dress and pigtails that I decided to interview her on a few things to see how her conversational skills are developing. She did need a little coaching, even on questions she definitely knows the answer to. I can’t help but giggle every time she says “I’m fine. Thank you!”

Grandpa’s Sleeping

March 22, 2011 By: erik Category: Family, Offspring, Videos

Grandpa's Sleeping (vidcap)My parents are visiting this week. That means Nora is sleeping in our room for the first time in months. The first night they were here, Nora woke up at around midnight and cried and cried, demanding water, but then taking only a sip and pushing it away, and the immediately demanding more water when it was clear that I was going back to bed instead of giving her my undivided attention. After a half hour of trying various things, her mother mentioned that she needed to be quiet because Grandma and Grandpa were sleeping in the next room. Completely unexpectedly to us, Nora nodded and repeated “They’re sleeping. Don’t wake them,” lay down, and stopped crying. Two hours later when she started crying again, her mother said, “Be quiet. They’re sleeping,” and Nora obeyed, repeating the sentence to herself. It was really bizarre.