Catawba Meadows – The Beanstalk Journey

October 21, 2014 By: erik Category: Travel, USA

Catawba Meadows - The Beanstalk Journey - Crazy GoProThere are many moments during the week I spent camping with Outward Bound in November of 1992, when I was 14, that I will never forget but one of them is surely the swing to get down from the ropes course. I don’t remember much about the ropes course specifically, but the ten feet of free fall from a platform sixty feet in the air before the rope pulled me into a pendulum arc, the nervousness that preceded it, and the rush of adrenaline that followed shortly after will never be forgotten. It was a defining moment for me, in that it defined me as a person who understands why people seek those thrills, but who prefers to minimize even simulated near death experiences. I never again wore a harness attached to a carabiner.

Until my 36th birthday.

Birthday Brunch at King Street Café

October 20, 2014 By: erik Category: Food, Travel, USA

King Street CaféOn my 36th birthday, I had my first brunch. Brunch, you see, is a logical impossibility in Spain, due to the extreme sacred importance of the “midday” (2pm – 3pm) meal. Combining it with another meal has never once occurred to a Spaniard. While Spaniards do have a meal similar to a brunch, called almuerzo, lunch is still eaten afterwards.

I’ve heard talk of this restaurant in my hometown, called the King Street Café, and I was delighted to hear that my parents had scheduled it into our visit with my cousins and grandmother.

Fun in Martha's Park

November 24, 2010 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photos, Travel, USA

Autumn ParentingWhen I was a kid, sometimes my after school daycare program would bring us to The Children’s Park, right downtown next to The News Herald, the town newspaper, and across from The Rec[reation] Center. There was an old fire engine that had been parked in the park for children to play on. I very vividly recall all the little – and I mean tiny – nooks and crannies, presumably where pumps or folded hose had been, of that fire truck that we used to crawl into with as much exit strategy as the Pentagon. Ah, good times.

In 2004, the park was completely renovated with donations from the wealthy Pheifer family, in memory of Martha Pheifer, and renamed Martha’s Park. Earlier this year, my parents moved a few blocks from the park, so on Monday, while I was telecommuting to the office, Nora went to the park with her mother and grandmother. Judging from the photos, they had a grand old time.