Parenting In Spain: Inanimate Retribution

February 17, 2011 By: erik Category: Complaining, Parenting, Spain, Weird

What!  Now, how did that table get in my mouth?As an expat parent of a toddler in Spain, I have noticed a rather bizarre parenting behavior exhibited by Spaniards caring for small children. A typical scenario goes something like this:

A toddler is careening around and hits her head on a table. Tables and desks are right at forehead height for a two-year-old. The parent or caretaker rushes over and hugs the crying child. Immediately the caretaker turns to the table and shouts, “Bad table!” and smacks the table hard with his hand and encourages the child to hit and scold the table as well.

If you’re like me the first time I saw this parenting technique, you have a big “WTF?” thought bubble above your head.

Forked Tongues

October 08, 2010 By: erik Category: Spanish

Recently, I had the following exchange with my daughter. It seems, sometimes, like most of our conversations can be boiled down to “Nora, what you’re doing may kill you.”

Me: “Nora, don’t run with a fork in your hand!”

Nora: [picks up a second fork and continues running]

Me: “No, the problem wasn’t a lack of forks!” 1

This got me thinking overthinking…