San Juan – Beans in the Park

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Drinking Wine from a Spanish BotaLast Sunday was the annual Cocido Montañes in the Park day here in Colindres. Every year, around the summer solstice, the Peña San Juan (Saint John’s Club), named after the town’s patron saint, throws a huge cookout in the local park. They make a Cantabrian specialty, known as cocido montañes, which is a white bean and spinach soup with pieces of meat in it. Each serving contains a pork rib, a piece of chorizo, and a piece of morcilla (blood sausage). Over the eight years we have been attending the festival, it has been evolving and improving. When we first went, you waited in line and then asked for as many servings as you wanted and paid 1€ each. So some groups of four would order eight servings to have leftovers later that week. But it was hard to calculate just how much to make.

Bubbles In The Park

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Bubbles In The ParkWe had a wonderful weekend this week. A babysitter let us go out for dinner and dancing on Friday night, and on Saturday my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to visit. I made a homemade pizza while the ladies went to the market in nearby Santoña and had it ready upon their return. A leisurely afternoon ensued with Marga painting her sister’s and Nora’s fingernails and toenails.

Fun in Martha's Park

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Autumn ParentingWhen I was a kid, sometimes my after school daycare program would bring us to The Children’s Park, right downtown next to The News Herald, the town newspaper, and across from The Rec[reation] Center. There was an old fire engine that had been parked in the park for children to play on. I very vividly recall all the little – and I mean tiny – nooks and crannies, presumably where pumps or folded hose had been, of that fire truck that we used to crawl into with as much exit strategy as the Pentagon. Ah, good times.

In 2004, the park was completely renovated with donations from the wealthy Pheifer family, in memory of Martha Pheifer, and renamed Martha’s Park. Earlier this year, my parents moved a few blocks from the park, so on Monday, while I was telecommuting to the office, Nora went to the park with her mother and grandmother. Judging from the photos, they had a grand old time.