Sam the Westie

January 06, 2015 By: erik Category: Photos

Sam Face 1My parents’ west highland terrier, Sam, passed away this morning in his sleep at the vet’s office. He’s been blind and deaf for a couple years now. But he was very loved for fifteen long years.

I pulled Nora into my office today, which is more or less the equivalent of Christmas Day here in Spain, and told her that I had some sad news. When I told her that Sam had died, she understood immediately, and the corners of her mouth fell like stones, nearly breaking my heart. Before she could think about it more, I hugged her and sent her back to watch cartoons.

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Sleeping With Sam

November 24, 2010 By: erik Category: Family, Offspring, Photos, Videos

Napping with Sam
When we visited last March, Nora’s favorite of my parents’ dogs was clearly Sam, the West Highland Terrier. The same is true this time, except that now that Nora can walk, she can hound him considerably more, following him around the house shouting “¡Hola!” at him.

Yesterday, when Nora was awaking from her stroll-by-the-river-induced afternoon slumber, I picked her up out of her pram, thinking she was fully away, and set her on the couch. She quickly dozed off, and slowly slouched over to her left, landing on top of the sleeping westie, creating one of the cutest scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

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