Nora and Ian’s first time in the snow

January 22, 2017 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photos, Travel, Videos

Nora and Ian's first snowIn the twelve years I have lived in this town, it has snowed once such that it stuck for a few hours. It very rarely gets down to zero degrees Celsius here at sea level. Unlike their cousin, Xander, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, who needs a snow shovel to even leave his house for 5 months of the year, our kids have never really experienced snow.

In past years, we have seen photos of Nora’s classmates playing in the snow. Because we live right next to the mountains, it’s possible to drive a bit into the mountains and find snow, but we never have. Mainly because the kids never had any appropriate clothing for rolling around in frozen water. This year, we were determined to do it, so we bought the kids snow clothes. This weekend was the first weekend after a week of cold precipitation (rain here, snow in the mountains), so we decided to do it. Unfortunately we still didn’t have appropriate shoes, so on Saturday we went to the mall to buy the remaining shoes and gloves, and on Sunday morning we left for the hills.

Holy Cow! Snow! Nora's First Snow

December 10, 2010 By: erik Category: Funny, Offspring, Videos

Holy Cow! Snow! (video frame)The first time you see snow, it really is a wonderful experience. One of the optional homework assignments we left with my parents along with Nora when we visited San Francisco recently was to teach her to say “Holy cow!” It was Marga’s idea, as she finds the expression particularly humorous; euphemisms in foreign languages often are. Sure enough, when returned, she knew how to say “Holy cow!” (her approximation sounds more like “Hota tao!”) and put her hand to her head whenever she was surprised.