Peter T. Brown – 7 of 9

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Peter Brown

What follows is a serial essay written by my father, Paul Rasmussen, about his best friend, Peter Brown. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Sometime during my first week of employment I realized our plan would not work. The state facility which employed me was the natural place for Betsy to work as well. We were in a small town in East Tennessee, and it was 1973. She could not list my address on her application. I had naively thought we could pretend to be married, but I realized I could not lie to my boss. I called Betsy and convinced her to marry me at the courthouse in Maryville, just south of Knoxville. I took Mary with me to the hospital in order to get the blood tests necessary for the marriage license.

Today is our wedding day! …or not.

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Marriage BeretIf an American were to look at the special Basque wedding beret we were given on our wedding day, she may very well conclude that we were married today, July 10, 2013. You see, my wife’s family knew that Those Wacky Americans wrote the date in a different order, but they weren’t exactly sure what order. In doing so, they came very close to my very favorite date format, ISO 8601 (with the most significant digits to the left, just like our numbering system). They put the year first, then the month, and then the day, which would be ISO 8601, but they only used two digits for the year. So, in reality, our wedding was 2097 days ago, on October 13, 2007.

Emi and Mario’s Wedding

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Emi and Mario's WeddingOn Friday, August 3rd, we drove south towards Madrid to attend the wedding of Emi and Mario. Emi and my wife, Marga, who is three days younger than Emi, have been friends since they were children. Emi is from the same Extremadura town as Marga’s mother and grandmother, and Marga would spend most of her summer vacations in Extremadura with her grandparents, so they grew up together over the summers. Neither of them will forget the phone call when Marga told Emi, “I have some big news!”, only to hear Emi respond, “Me too, you first!” Marga, who was worried she’d be the only one of her summer friends with a baby, told Emi that she was pregnant, and Emi exclaimed, “Me too!” Emi and Mario’s daughter, Carla, was born only weeks after Nora.

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Aitziber’s Wedding

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Bride and GroomIt was December 15, 2001, when I first got on a plane with my suitcase and guitar and the plan of no longer being a resident of my native land. I flew into Birmingham, England, and my future wife picked me up and drove – amazingly, to me – effortlessly on the wrong side of the road to the flat she was renting with a friend and coworker, a tall Basque girl by the name of Aitziber (pronounced eye-CHEE-bear). The three of us would be flatmates for nine or ten months. Aitziber moved back to Spain a couple years before we did, and we fell out of contact as happens in life. Aitziber, however, is one of those thoughtful people that, without fail, calls on my wife’s birthday to chat and describe what happened since they talked the previous year. We were pleased to be invited to her wedding this past weekend, especially since it was so close, in Getxo, a suburb of Bilbao.

Charley and Christanne’s Wedding

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Newlyweds (Cropped)On July 3, 2011, we attended the wedding of my childhood friend, Charley Coffey, to his beautiful bride, Christanne. Due to the separate courses our lives have taken, I had never actually met Christanne until the wedding. Both of them are incredibly photogenic and every photograph of them looks like it should be on an orthodontist’s wall. They are both medical doctors at the end of their schooling, primed to stop living like students and start living like kings in San Diego, the city said to have one of the best climates on the planet. I couldn’t be happier for them. Everyone at the wedding was very nice, the North Carolinians from the groom’s side as well as the South Carolinians from the bride’s side.

Wedding in Zaragoza

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Nora and Marga, Plaza del Pilar, ZaragozaThis past weekend we went to Zaragoza for a wedding. The groom was Marga’s cousin, Manu, and the bride was named Irene, previously unknown to us. We left on Friday afternoon, stopping at a rest stop just before Haro, Rioja, for a half hour to meet up with my in-laws, so we could make the rest of the journey together. Marga spent five years at the University of Zaragoza, and she was excited to introduce me to the city.

Wedding Scallop

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Marga’s boss recently gave us a simple, but thoughtful, wedding gift. As you may recall (and if you attended, how could you forget?), one of the dishes at our wedding meal was a Scallop Au Gratin. Her boss actually saved the shell that the restaurant served him full of creamy cheese, cleaned it up, wrote our names and the date of the wedding in the smooth interior of the shell, and gave it to us as a souvenir of the day.

Birthday Photos

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We’re back from our honeymoon! We’ve got plenty of wedding and honeymoon photos to share, but first we’ve got to get some of the pre-wedding family visit / birthday photos out of the way. My father has written up a much better explanation of events than my blurred memory could give you, so I won’t do much explaining here, and share his story soon.


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For years now, I’ve been told what a shame it was that I’ve been missing Maritxu (mar-EE-choo). Maritxu is a huge party in Mondragon held on the first Friday of October. Since moving to Spain 2.5 years ago, I’ve been out of the country for Maritxu in both 2005 (golfing in Scotland) and 2006 (New York City).