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October 03, 2007 By: erik Category: Photos 990 views

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When I’m taking a walk on a sunny day, I often have that “Wow, that’s beautiful! I should take a photo!” feeling. It almost never happens when I’m sitting here in my office chair. But it happened twice yesterday.
Sky and cranes in computer monitor

The reflection of two construction cranes out the window behind me. The reflection was made in the plastic side of my original 20″ Apple Cinema Display.

Croatian desktop wallpaper

My glowing Macbook Pro with its new desktop wallpaper, a photo taken recently by sgazzetti on holiday in Korčula, Croatia. That is a seriously beautiful photo.

Notice my dust cover on my Macbook keyboard. Since I use an external keyboard, and I use the monitor of the Macbook as a secondary monitor, the keyboard has to be exposed all the time, without being used. It might as well be covered to prevent unnecessary dust build-up. I’m thinking about patenting my dust cover design. I might sell them for $9.99 each. $12.99 with a custom message printed on it. What do you think?

  • First of all, it’s bizarre to scroll down and see that photo on your computer. Flattering, but bizarre.

    I can’t see it well enough to know much about your dust cover system, but I can add that I made an impulse buy at the Apple shop in Ljubljana a few months ago (yeah, I know, impulse buy in an Apple shop — weird, huh?) which included a silicone ‘iSkin’ keyboard cover. At first I hated it, like typing through a shower curtain, but now I’ve grown to like the tactile feel and added squishiness in the keyboard’s ‘throw’. And no sebaceous keys or exfoliated dermal material clogging up the innards.

    By the way: the whole ‘iNomenclature’ thing, like anothr recent trend, is wearing thinr and thinr and making me a little bittr.

  • I looked at the iSkins. I even ordered one, they took my money, and then emailed me a week later saying that they didn’t ship abroad, and gave me my money back. Oh, and I’ve always used an iSkin on my first and fourth generation iPods.

    I think I’m going to call my dust cover system, “A4 Protection”. The slogan can be:

    Some products protect your system before it gets all dirty. But what comes before “before”? That’s right! A4 Protection!

    Get it? 😉

  • Oof. Yes, I get it, and now I can see your ‘system’ at work.