January Sunset Panoramas

January 10, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos, Spain 644 views

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Sunset 1This evening’s sunset was particularly spectacular. So I made a panorama to showcase its beauty. Just as I was about to upload the photo, I looked over my shoulder and saw an even more gorgeous range of colors, so I had to take more photos and make another panorama. Enjoy!
Sunset Panorama

How lovely is that?

Sunset 1

I love the yellow and blue together like that.

Sunset 2

This formation to the south drew my eye.

This is when I went to stitch together the above panorama, and when I had to stop because of the colors below.

The sky's on fire!

Look at that!

Wide angle

Wide angle.

What's that on the horizon?

This silhouetted figure on the horizon reminded me of a particular pear-shaped, rope-armed figure I’ve seen somewhere.


Vertical shot.

Red Clouds

I love that color!

Sunset Panorama 2

I took each shot in this panorama vertically and then stitched them together horizontally. Unaccustomed to this method, I was unable to keep the camera level, and hence the empty spaces in the stitching.

And then a little bit later…


Good night.

  • Nice work! I am the same way — as soon as I think I’m done waving the camera at the sky, it goes and does something even more crazy.

    I tend to try always to make the panos with the camera in ‘portrait’ orientation, as it allows you to get a better height/width ratio and a larger final product. Worth practicing with.

  • Paul

    Buenos noches, and thanks.

    Your Grandfather says “Pink skies in the morning, sailors take warning; pink skies at night, sailor’s delight”.

  • Again, sgazzetti, you turn out to be a wise cat, someone to study and learn from. Here I was thinking I was breaking new ground with the whole portraint pano idea…

    Paul, it’s actually “buenas noches”. How could something as mysterious as the night not be feminine? 🙂

    You’ve just reminded me of Grandpa RamĂłn (which is a huge compliment, btw). He’s always saying “Hay un refrán que dice…” and then he spits out some rhyme that either seems like an obvious tautology or a scientifically dubious statement that has held true enough times to get repeated (such as yours). Normally there’s some abnormal word, as there often are in rhyming statements, that I don’t understand, so I just nod and pretend liked I’ve committed his wisdom to memory. But really…he’s got a refrán for everything.

    Say you can’t find your keys or something. He’ll say something like, “You know what they say! ‘He who can’t find his keys can’t do as he pleases!'” That’s a horrible example, but it represents the idea. It’s pretty cute and a shame that someone doesn’t write them all down.

  • Paul – we have a similar saying in the UK. “Red sky at night – shepherd’s delight. Red sky in the morning – shepherd’s warning. Minced beef and mashed potato – shepherd’s pie”.

  • Just to add a single outlying data point to the wisdom heap, the day after I took these photos was dark, gray, and rainy all day long. I’m not a sailor or a shepherd, so I don’t know if they find that delightful or not…but I’m guessing not.

    Mmm! I love me some shepherd’s pie. I have a shepherd’s-pie-ish recipe that I make. I might have to share it here one day.

  • Good work! Thanks for sharing.