Dark Scrawling

January 31, 2008 By: erik Category: Musings, Weird 786 views

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Dark ScrawlingYesterday, I was searching through some old spiral-bound notebooks looking for some information I knew I wrote down a few years ago. Before I found what I was looking for, I discovered the strangest little poem scrawled, in my careless handwriting, on a page in the middle of one of the notebooks. I have no recollection at all of writing these words. There is no other poetry in the entire notebook. I also almost never write anything like this. Since the adjacent pages are blank, there’s no way to get a temporal context for when the writing occurred. It’s pretty disjointed and clearly a first draft. I was evidently going through a dark moment when I picked up the pen that day.
Dark Scrawling

Each day, earlier and earlier,
the dark of night sets in

The air moves,
pushed by the sun, they say,
but this breeze comes from a
much darker place

As I wander down this road
that’s leading to somewhere
The world has no warmth for me

The wind whips and flips
and drills down to the bone

And there, where the roads crossed,
I saw you standing, spinning

Hard to tell if the author is addressing another person or a windmill or something. Does the first stanza imply the waning sunlight of Autumn? Could that be a metaphor? Who knows!

So I’ve done the only thing I can do, replace the notebook on the shelf so that this poem will surprise me again in a few years.

  • Darn! For two days in a row now, I haven’t taken my camera out to the grocery store and both days I’ve seen something that would be great blog content!

    Yesterday, I saw this van that I’ve seen many times. It has a big bulldog logo on the side of the window as a corporate logo for some repair service. But yesterday, inside the van, was a HUGE bulldog that looked just like the logo.

    Today, I saw Scott, from South Dakota, walking by in a huge procession of little 3-year-olds all dressed like little firemen. They were pretty adorable. Scott said they stopped traffic for a full five minutes as they all crossed the main streets on their way to the town hall. Hopefully he’ll have some footage on his site.

  • Betsy

    I suspect that this poem is actually lyrics for your high school band Rue. As I recall the songs you guys did were all very dark. I remember wondering what you really knew at age 16 of scorned love and being broke and homeless in a big city. I believe I still have perhaps the only surviving copy of Rue’s cd in my collection. We can listen to it next week.

  • This notebook is less than five years old, though.

    I’ve still got that Rue CD. It was very dark stuff indeed.

  • Found Rue verse:

    The sky is cloudy. The weather, it is bleak.
    I just keep on walking, for the treasures that I seek.
    The streets are covered with souls on the ground,
    of all the true loves someone never found.

    Teen angst, I guess?

    There’s another one that’s about the emotions of getting an abortion. I have no idea where our lyracist got that from. Maybe there was a pregnancy I didn’t know about.

  • Maureen Dolan

    I´d say keep writing poetry. I´m not easy to please but this is good. I´d really like to read more.