Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Photos, Travel 441 views

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Here. Have a Guinness.

Black Heaven

Gimme yer gold!

Both these photos were taken four years ago in Dublin.

  • Two things about that report from 2004: Firstly, yay for Eddie Rockets! I ate there a lot when I lived in Dublin. Secondly, the tour bus that looks like a boat is actually an amphibian vehicle. We took it once – you drive around the streets, looking at the sites, and then it drives into the water and you cruise around the harbour and up the Liffey. Also, it’s a viking theme tour, so you have to wear plastic viking hats and they encourage you to growl and shout at people in the streets as you pass.

  • Great comment. Thanks, Simon.

    That tour sounds perfect for me. Except for the hats. I never wear funny hats.

  • Ah. I thought this was just how you looked four years ago. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Yeah, I went through a gold hoarding phase there for a bit in ’04.

  • I forgot all about St. Patricks Day, since nobody celebrates it here. I hope you’re not planning to walk around Colindres like that. People will give you some pretty strange looks if you do.

  • They do celebrate it, if only as a promotion in the Irish pubs. I’ll check out the Irish pub in Colindres later today and report back.

  • We’ve been to the local Irish pub, and I had a Guinness. We told the bartender we were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and he said that one person mentioned the holiday yesterday and that we were the only ones to say anything about it today. So there you have it, the results of our little sociology field study.

    I’ve also just learned that St. Patrick’s Day was actually moved to March 15 this year because it conflicted with Holy Week. Oh well.

  • Paul

    I applaud your investigative initiative. I’ll assume they didn’t die the Guinness green. I must protest, however, my anti-spam word word – syzygy. I mean, it’s Happy Hour over here in the states.