Storm Beaten Poppies

June 04, 2008 By: erik Category: Uncategorized 595 views

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Storm-beaten poppiesWe had some pretty huge storms last week. The day after one of them, I took a walk and found some poor raindrop-bruised poppies and some bees buzzing around them. Poppy petals are pretty paper-thin normally, but these look particularly fragile.
Storm Front

This is the big monster that came through.

Wet Poppies

Bee cleared for landing

Bee coming in for a landing.

Fuzzy Stalks

Fuzzy poppy stalks. Good defense against ants, I presume. Not snails, though.

Storm-beaten poppies

Water droplets on a poppy petal.

I think I first typed “poopy” just about every time I tried to type “poppy” in this post.

  • Poopy. Heh.

  • Poor pour-pooped poppies!

  • That reminds me of one of my favorite lyrics from Eve 6 in Open Road Song:

    I crack a window and feel the cool air cleanse my every pore as I pour my poor heart out

    That’s all three homophone variations used in one sentence. With only three words separating them, no less.

    I can’t think of any other four-letter words that have three different spellings and meanings for the same exact pronunciation.

  • I love Eve 6, much more than Marcy Playground,

    but I got this song stuck in my head now,

    Long long ago, In China I’m told
    To England was traded some tea
    And so sealed the fate
    In pieces of eight
    All England and all of the world

    When soon his majesty
    Sent soldiers and thieves
    To India Searching for gold
    Instead from the ground
    Some magic they found
    Something far better I’m told


    And now this story told
    From days of our own
    When gossamer doggies ran ran
    They’d patiently wait
    With pieces of eight
    So everybody could smile one more time

    Marvelous photos, by the way. Especially the one with the bee, that looks like the poppy is listening to it.

  • Thanks. Yeah, poppies are the opiate of the masses. No, wait, that’s religion.

  • Erik: how about “meet” “meat” “mete”? Or “bore” “bore” “boor”?

  • Of course that should have read “bore” “boar” boor”…