Opie and Richie would like a word with you

October 24, 2008 By: erik Category: Funny, Politics, Stuff I Found, USA, Videos, Voting 174 views

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This might be my favorite political celebrity internet election video so far. I mean, it’s the only one with The Fonz! Could have used a little Fife, though.

  • This is wonderful. Too long for the average American’s attention span though. Barney turned in his gun and bullet 2+ years ago.

  • This cracks me up.

  • Uncle Neil

    That took nearly an hour to view here in the Superior National Forest but it was worth it. Thanks. I am going to write Opie in on my ballot for president. My world will be well then.

  • candy

    I just saw that through facebook—it is a hoot! i love opie! i love richie! i love the fonz! (triplets!!! jajaja)