Bordeaux Reflections

October 23, 2009 By: erik Category: France, Photography, Photos, Travel 338 views

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Kid playing Bordeaux reflection poolThere is really only one obligatory photograph that must be taken when you visit Bordeaux, the one on the covers of all the tourism guides. It’s of the Place de la Bourse taken from the other side of the reflection pool. They have a large, maybe 20m x 40m reflection pool between the Place de la Bourse and the river that is maintained with about a centimeter of water. It’s pure high-grade photographer catnip.

Obligatory Bordeaux Reflection Shot
First the obligatory shot of the Place de la Bourse.

Personally, I found the people who walk through the pool to be much more interesting subjects.

Bordeaux Reflection Pool
A tourist just got the obligatory shot. I took this from our tour bus.

Family with Stroller
Strolling family leaves a wake.

Reflected Kid
Reflected kid.

Kid playing Bordeaux reflection pool
He was dashing back and forth puddle-stomping.

Kid playing Bordeaux reflection pool
Running left.

Kid playing Bordeaux reflection pool
Examining one of the sprinklers in the pool.

If only his face had been there when this happened…

Mist Vent
I had no idea that every so often things got all misty.

Erik in the mist
Erik in the mist.

Marga in the mist
Misty reflected Marga.

Misty bicycle ride
Refreshing bicycle ride.

Running Reflection
Running fast.

Reflected RedheadReflected Redhead
Reflected redhead.

  • There’s an exhibition of city-scenes-reflected-in-puddles photos on here at the moment which you might like.

    • You’re right, I do like that. Puddle reflections are fun.

  • I booked this tour online through the recommendation of another group who also booked it.
    Gaetane and I corresponded regarding dates, times, prices and our limitations due to having to be back to the ship on time. Gaetane was very supportive and flexible with the tour itinerary, we came to a very easy agreement We had two vans totally 14 people. We visited two wineries, both set in beautiful countryside. The wine owners gave us a wonderful explanation of their production and grape growing and let us drink really good wine. Everyone had a terrifice and jovial time.
    We then had time in Aix-en-Provence to have lunch and look around on our own. We were then driven back to the ship arriving with lots of time to spare 
    I highly recommend Gaetane and the Provence Wine Tours. We couldn’t have had a more wonderful time.