First time on the swings

November 20, 2009 By: erik Category: Colindres 189 views

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Nora's first time on the swingsToday I took Nora to the park and put her on the swings for the first time in her life. Last night during bathtime we learned that her ability to sit up straight is positively correlated with the coefficient of static friction of the surface she’s sitting on (i.e. the bathtub is too slick to sit up in). It turns out that her sitting skills are also very dependent on the ground not moving freely on a pendulum. She was unable to remain completely vertical in the swing. But luckily it’s shaped like a smooth bucket and she could slouch down against the back of it. She seemed to enjoy the experience very much. I think we both look forward to further park outings.

Nora's first time on the swings
Due to the small human infestation our town is currently experiencing, there are public swing sets on just about every corner.

Nora's first time on the swings
Higher, Daddy, higher!

  • Paul

    It looks like she still has much to learn.

  • She seems to be comfortable in the swing rather than fearful. That’s a good thing. Logging a few more hours in the space shuttle should help with swing skills too.

    • Yes, I was surprised at her lack of terror. Here’s hoping she has her mother’s inner ear!

  • Nora sure is growing a nice crop of hair these days!

    • Yep! This morning I was looking at her and said, “Your forehead is a lot smaller than I remember it being.”