Father’s Day Gift

March 23, 2010 By: erik Category: Family, Offspring, Photos 380 views

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Father's Day Gift (crop)Last Friday, March 19th, was Father’s Day in Spain. My wife asked me for a recent photograph of Nora for a gift for me. I had no idea what it was going to be, but I printed a crop of her head from my current favorite photo. That night, when she got back from daycare, she brought with her a very pleasant surprise.

Father's Day Gift
Here you go, Daddy!

Father's Day Gift
Thank you, Nora!

Father's Day Gift
She helped me unwrap the crinkly tissue paper.

Father's Day Gift
Daddy’s surprise. It was two gifts.

Father's Day Gift
The first was a card, which read:

De tu mano
voy a aprender
lo que mañana
voy a ser.

Feliz dí­a, papá!

Which translates to:

From your hand
I’m going to learn
what tomorrow
I will be.

Happy day, Dad!

Father's Day Gift
And she “signed” the inside of the card.

Father's Day Gift
The other gift was a laminated ornament thing with a suction cup on it, presumably for hanging in the car, or on a window or something.

Father's Day Gift
Daddy! You’re doing it wrong!

Thank you, Nora, and thank you to your thoughtful daycare helpers for making this gift for me.