Taking A Stand

May 22, 2010 By: erik Category: Uncategorized 133 views

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thumbToday, Nora and her mother were playing the cutest game, with Nora, who already understands about telephones, “dialing” the phone and handing it to her mother, who would pretend to talk for a bit and then hand it back. I said, “Keep doing that, I’m going to get the camera!” And when I got back, they were still at it. Adorable footage captured. Yay.

But what no one was expecting was what came next!

Nora put the phone up on the coffee table and proceeded to pull herself up to a standing position. She had done this in the crib, and has been getting quite good at it, but never before on a piece of furniture. She has now ushered in a new era of super extra cautiousness in that we can no longer leave her alone in a room without the possibility of her standing up and taking a nose dive into a table or the floor.

Watch her mother’s eyes as Nora rises to her bipedal glory. We are both amazingly proud and terrified. Something tells me this won’t be the last time our parenthood combines those two emotions.

Yes, I know the Wii Balance Board doesn’t go on the table. We had picked it up off the floor to let our new robot vacuum servant do its work.

  • I like how Nora’s all casual about it and then suddenly SHE’S TOTALLY STANDING.

  • How often do you actually capture a first on video? That is so great!