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Scribbler (freeze frame)When I took Nora to her 18-month doctor’s checkup, the doctor asked questions like, “Does she do X?”, “If you give her Y, does she do Z with it?”, etc. Beaming with paternal pride, I was able to answer yes to all of them…until he said, “If you give her a pencil and paper, will she draw?” I had to answer, “Probably, we’ve never really done that,” as I plummeted down the rabbit hole of “I’m a terrible parent” guilt.

When we got home, I gave her a pen and paper, and she scribbled away like a tormented artist. She seems to slightly favor her right hand, but she’ll scribble with her left as well.

It’s cute how, when her mother rotates the page to give her a clean canvas, she gets upset and demands it be rotated back to how it was.

When she finishes a “drawing”, she likes to carry it around the house for a minute or two until something else catches her eye.

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  • Ha! You’ve just unleashed a future wall scribbler! Just make sure you hide all the Sharpies…unless you’re thinking of repainting. And of course she complains when you turn her work, after all, how many artists like it when you hang their work upside down. 😉

  • Hey, how can I get a different picture on my comment? I’m not too keen on that angry looking crab with horns. 😀

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