The Problem With Representative Democracy

November 01, 2010 By: erik Category: Complaining, Politics, USA, Voting 1,173 views

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Just some food for thought to my American brethren as you head to the polls on Tuesday. Not that it should discourage you from voting. Please vote! It’s important.

The Problem With Representative Democracy

I realize this is horribly cynical. The truth is really much worse: that no one is good at governing, at least not in a way that will please you all the time. But really, vote. Otherwise the crazy half of the country might win!

  • Some people are better at governing than others, and a lot of elected officials fall into the former category. The difficulty is in reconciling the job of governing and the job of getting re-elected. I’d feel bad for Republican officials who are having an extra-hard time at this because of all of the nutjobs in the caucus if the Republicans hadn’t worked so hard to build the nutjob base.

  • Now that’s depressing. Coming from a country where voting is compulsary, I am a firm believer in “it’s everyone’s duty to participate and to vote”. Something that get’s horrified looks from people here in Spain!!

  • Paul

    Representative democracy is probably the best of the bad lot, but its success is dependent upon an educated, thinking population. What we have now in America is a pretend-educated, unthinking majority that is swayed more by sound bites and sticky mud than by actual verbal content. Now we will see what happens to a representative democracy when mindless drones take the wheel and drive. Hopefully they will mind their handlers, some of whom are the last remaining well-educated people, until those folks are no longer employable. Then, faster than Rome, we collapse.

  • I think that diagram just about sums it up!

  • McClintes

    “But really, vote. Otherwise the crazy half of the country might win!”

    This is what’s wrong, in my opinion.

    I have been choosing not to vote for all of my adult life, and that sentence right there sums up why.