Identifying Dave Matthews

February 21, 2011 By: erik Category: Music, Offspring 135 views

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Nora and DaveAt some point in every parenting journey, there comes a time when you have to teach your child about your favorite recording artist. Recently when I was preparing Nora’s lunch, I put my iPhone into iPod mode to play a random shuffling of my top rated music. I let it play throughout her lunch and when she was done eating, I decided to teach her to say “Dave Matthews”. She picked it up pretty quickly, so I pulled out the video camera.

  • She says, “Mira, tele” at the beginning, right? Too cute. So, then she must be Dave Matthews’ youngest fan. 🙂

    • erik

      No, she says, “Mira, ¿Quién es?

  • Oh, I thought she was saying the phone had TV, but I turned up the sound on my laptop and watched it again, and now it’s clear that she says, “Mira, ¿Quien es? So, are you teaching her the names of all the groups and singers you like? Our kids actually ended up liking a lot of the music we like.

    • erik

      There’s no set syllabus…yet.