Sunset Street Lights

November 09, 2011 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photography, Photos 405 views

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Sunset LamppostWhen I took that glorious evening walk last week, my photographic attentions were drawn particularly to the street lights that had just come on, and how their artificial light contrasted with the natural light still in the sky. So I set aside the photographs of street lights for this separate post. The whole experience of that night has taught me that I need to do more night photography, actually lugging my tripod out with me into the cool evening air. The play of street lights against buildings and sidewalks and the rest of the urban landscape is a particular itch that I hope to scratch at the earliest opportunity.

We’ll do them in chronological order, so you can see the sky darken.

Sunset Lamppost

This tri-lamp seemed particularly photogenic.

Sunset Lamppost

Oh yeah, I totally framed the subject off to the side like a professional photographer.

Lamppost and Moon

Only one of these orbs is radiating its own light.

Sunset Lamppost

The maritime walk is lined with these weird loopy lamps.

Sunset Lamppost

So, naturally, this shot was obligatory.

There was another photographer out that night with a tripod, so I walked up to him and said something like, “You came better prepared than I”. He said that he’d read something about how, “You can tell, merely by the quality of photographs when an amateur photographer has started using a tripod”. Rather trite, but it’s true that using a tripod will improve almost any photograph. I’m pretty pleased with my ability to take these shots without a tripod, but I look forward to experimenting with longer exposures.